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Datamatic is a corporation offering FileMaker Pro services for clients. They also design and develop FileMaker Plug-ins. Their current Mac/Win plug-in is PopCal updated to version 2.0.

Plug-In Profile:

Version 2.0 offers a single or dual GUI calendar which allows the user to select a date or a date range. The data returned is a date or date range in text format. When the date range is used, a FileMaker Find can be employed to determine the requested record data.

The plug-in has a total of 12 scriptable parameters and 8 parameters set by: (Edit/Preferences/Application/Plug-ins/Configure). It boasts 7 langauges as well as scriptable error trapping.

 A PopCal v2.0 Test File provides the developer with a rich array of tools to setup, test and configure their plug-in. The following screenshots provide a view of the functionality within the PopCal v2.0 Test File:


Datamatic is specially thankful to William R. Moseid from Model Masters for creating this online tour and for all his help during the development of PopCal 2.
Thanks Bill!