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Filemaker Plug-ins

Filemaker development

Web Translation

We are a group of people with different backgrounds who create systems, web sites and Filemaker plug-ins. Although we provide services which might seem unrelated, we use them regularly in order to develop world class web sites and computer systems.

Since we have specialists in each area, we are able to provide each service as standalone or or as a group to provide a final product. The final product can include all or some of of these services. The main services provided are:

- Filemaker Plug-in development.

We engage in constant Filemaker plug-in development Addiiotnal Filemaker plug-ins will be announced in the near and long term.

We also develop custom plug-ins for our customers either as part of a Filemaker solution or as an independent plug-in that will meet your specific requirements. Please contact us if you need to develop a plug-in.

- Filemaker development.

We have developed several vertical applications for industries such as health, printing, publishing, retail, airports, accounting and management among others.

We develop a Filemaker system that will meet your needs. We are confident our prices are quite affordable, particularly for small companies.

We also develop FileMaker Executive Information Systems (EIS). EIS allows managers and owners to obtain key business information as required, independent of the computer or IT departments.

- Web Site Translation. (English to Spanish).

Do you want or need to reach other markets? A fine goal, but let us help you do it right. The Internet has many poorly translated sites.

The Latin-American Internet market is the fastest growing market zone on the planet. But sometimes, the lack of good and accurate information (in the customers own language) makes it impossible to reach these people via the internet.

We also specialize in technical translation. We have more than ten years experience translating for US based companies. Click here to find out more about our translating services.